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Platinum 100% Amino 2300 Essential Series -320 Tab Supplements For Sale In Pakistan

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Amino acids are known by every serious athlete in the world as the building blocks of proteins that our bodies use to grow, repair and maintain muscle! Getting a high quality and convenient supply of these rapidly absorbed amino isn’t always easy or practical – until now.
New Platinum 100% Amino 2300 provides high-quality protein, including whey protein, as well as essential and non-essential amino acids, to support protein synthesis and promote an ideal environment for muscle building and superior recovery.


Protein is made up of amino acids. The new Platinum 100% Amino 2300 features free-form and peptide-bonded amino acids, which are rapidly digested and absorbed into the bloodstream to help spike plasma amino acid levels.
Supplying your body with amino acids throughout the day is key to promoting serious gains in response to your hardcore training.


To ensure a high standard of quality and purity, each bottle of Platinum 100% Amino 2300 undergoes strict quality control. Each bottle is third-party tested and verified to ensure the highest purity, quality and consistency.


For over 20 years, Muscle Tech® has been synonymous with results – this is the reason they’re the #1 Selling Body Building Supplement Brand in America. Essential Series products are staples for every athlete, with no frills and no fillers – just products you can trust backed by the best brand in sports nutrition.


Take 1 serving (2 tablets) with a glass of water daily.


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As athletes, we know that our bodies need energy to function. ATP is the muscles’ primary source of energy. While you work out and burn that energy, your ATP stores deplete, and this is where creatine comes in. Creatine helps regenerate that ATP, so you can focus on lifting longer and heavier with faster recovery. It’s a win all around! CELL-TECH SX-7® Revolution delivers a powerful 3.5g of quad-sourced creatine with a special technology for better effectiveness. It’s one of the most cutting-edge creatine formulas on the market today.


CELL-TECH SX-7® Revolution is perfect for men and women looking for high-quality creatine to help their muscles grow and recover faster.


Before or after workout.


Mix 1 scoop with 8 oz. of water and drink immediately after mixing.

Product Info


CELL-TECH SX-7® Revolution is a powerful formula that features dual-phase ActivSphere®technology and delivers advanced key ingredients for increased muscle size, enhanced strength and superior recovery. This exclusive formula carries on the iconic name synonymous with the creatine game, CELL-TECH, to deliver unprecedented gains in muscle size and strength!

CELL-TECH is an iconic name in the creatine game that has not only stood the test of time, but has also become legendary for its ability to pack on lean mass, size and strength like no other creatine formula before it or since.


Each serving of CELL-TECH SX-7® Revolution delivers 3.5g of premium, never-before-seen, quadruple-sourced creatine to saturate your muscles and regenerate adenosine triphosphate (ATP), your muscles’ primary source of energy. As athletes, we know that our bodies need energy to function. But, what many athletes don’t know is just where this energy comes from. And while some might assume that the energy to train only comes in the form of pre-workout or food, we actually can’t use energy directly from the macronutrients we eat – it must first be converted into ATP, the immediate useable form of chemical energy utilized for all cellular function. This is why creatine is so important!


As you train, your ATP levels drop and your muscles fatigue. But, the scientifically studied dose of creatine found in CELL-TECH SX-7® Revolution will ensure your body regenerates those lost ATP stores and your muscles continue to fire on all cylinders.


Creatine has been shown to build more muscle size, strength and performance while accelerating between-set muscle recovery. Creatine rapidly replenishes the body’s ATP levels. ATP is needed for the biochemical reactions involved in a muscle contraction. As you progress through your workout, the work of the muscle increases, and more and more ATP gets consumed, which must be replaced in order for the muscle to keep lifting. Higher ATP levels allow the body to train harder and recover faster during anaerobic exercise. This will allow for bigger and stronger muscles, and strength gains.

Serious Mass (Optimum Nutrition) supplements sale in pakistan

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Serious Mass (Optimum Nutrition)

The Bigger Picture of Weight-Gain:
Serious weight gain requires serious calories. However, those who need the extra calories most, often have the toughest time consuming enough of them. For many aspiring to be bigger, highly-active metabolisms, weaker appetites and on-the-run lifestyles make consuming sufficient calories through whole foods alone a real challenge. With Serious Mass, you’ve got nothing to lose and lots to gain. We’ve consolidated over 1,250 calories, 50 grams of protein, 250-plus grams of carbohydrates, and 25 vitamins & minerals with added glutamine and creatine into every serving. It’s time to stop thinking small; get serious – Serious Mass.
Beyond The Basics
• 1,250 calories per serving in water; 1,630 calories when made with low fat milk.
• 50 Grams of protein from a combination of faster and slower digesting sources including Whey, casein, and Egg.
• 250-plus grams of carbohydrates to support fueling of intense workouts and aid in the replenishment of glycogen stores – with NO ADDED SUGAR.*
• Enhanced with Creatine, L-glutamine & Glutamine Peptides, Choline, Inositol, PABA, and MCTs.
• 25 Vitamins & Essential Minerals with an emphasis on B-vitamins and Antioxidants.
Directions For Optimum Serious Mass:
Add two heaping scoops of Serious Mass to a blender filled with 24 oz of water. Blend for 45-60 seconds. Then add a few ice cubes and, if desired, other calorie-contributing ingredients and blend for an additional 30-45 seconds.
Tips: Mixing two scoops of Serious Mass with 24 fl. oz. of nonfat or low fat milk instead of water will give you a thicker, creamier, higher-calorie shake. New users may find if beneficial to begin with 1/2 of a serving daily for the first week and then gradually increase to 1 or more full servings several times a day.
Serious Mass is a substantial weight-gain supplement that can be used to feed serious calorie needs in a variety of different ways.
Between Meals: Drink 1/2-1 serving of Serious Mass between meals to maintain positive nitrogen balance and support a high-calorie diet.

Post-Workout: Begin drinking 1/2-1 serving of Serious Mass 30-45 minutes following exercise to support maximum recovery.

Before Bed: Drink 1/2-1 serving of Serious Mass about 45-60 minutes before bed to provide nutrients to recovering muscle throughout the night.

Note: For best results use Serious Mass combined with intense weight training (3-5 times per week) and a sensible whole foods diet. Also, keep in mind that sufficient recovery between workouts impacts your ability to gain lean mass. Allowing at least 48 hours between workouts involving the same body parts is recommended.

Serious Mass

Russian Bear 10000 supplements sale in pakistan

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Russian Bear 10000 Weight Gainer Food Supplement For Sale in Pakistan

There are a number of people in the world with the problem of being too skinny. Being too skinny and underweight may cause bad effects on your health as being obese. Some people are naturally too skinny and underweight but it does not mean that they have a health problem.

Some of the people are skinny but not too weak, yet they have a desire to gain weight to boost their muscles and body.

If you have trouble in gaining weight and want to make your lean body and muscles strong and fatty you can select a best weight gainer available in the market.

Today in this article you will find about a weight gainer product that offers you to quickly gain weight in the healthy way.

To maximize the healthy gain the Russian Bear 10000 food supplement product provides you to have a massive weight if you have lean body mass.

Weight gaining is an increase in body weight which you can get with the regular use of Russian Bear 10000 for a definite time period.

Our body needs healthy diet full of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. These compounds are very essential for our body and we get them from the daily meal, only in the case if we daily consume nutritious oriented meals.

But in our busy life it’s not possible for all of us to go for the healthy and nutritious diet and most of people lose weight and become skinny.

If you want to gain weight with healthy nutrition compounds you can go for the Russian Bear 10000 food supplement for fulfilling the lack of daily nutrition.

The weight gainer Russian Bear 10000 contains a rich amount of protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, assures you to get monster sized muscles, in a healthy way. The high level of protein and ingredients in it offers healthy weight gain without the formulation of fat.

Benefits of Russian Bear 10000 Weight Gainer:

There are a number of benefits of the Russian Bear 10000, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Russian Bear 10000 helps to build strong muscles with 100% protein supplementation.
  • This weight gain formula 100% assures muscle growth sustenance with a high bioavailability rating for extreme absorption.
  • The regular use of Russian Bear 10000 weight gainer food supplement assists lean body and muscles to get mass.
  • Boast immune system with its augment metabolism and fast-track natural healing function.
  • A rich source of fiber, carbohydrates, protein, calories, vitamins and mineral ……
  • The Fuel driven Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MTC Oil) in the Russian Bear 10000 boasts stamina between workouts and lessens the muscles breakdown in order to keep your performance at its ultimate level.
  • A rich complex of amino acid and antioxidant assures complete mixing of the vitamins and minerals in the body for providing supreme muscle cells volumizing.

Side Effects of Russian Bear 10000 Weight Gainer:

There are rare side effects of the Russian Bear 10000 weight grainer food supplement and may vary from person to person. People may feel stomach disturbance at the start of the use.

The sugar level in Russian Bear 10000 is too high, people with sugar, anxiety and diabetes should consult with the doctor first.

How much quantity of Russian Bear 10000 Weight Gainer To Use Daily?

You can daily use the 6 scoops (470g) of the Russian Bear 10000 Weight Gainer food supplement, 1-2 scoops in the morning, 1-2 in the afternoon and 1-2 in the evening.

You can also take it during heavy workouts.

How to use?

You can use the Russian Bear 10000 weight grainer food supplement powder by mixing it in milk, juices or water. If you are a body builder you can use it with yogurt, milk shakes, smoothies, etc.


It is available in different packaging in Pakistan

Russian Bear 10000 5lbs (2.27kg)

Russian Bear 10000 10lbs (4.54kg)

Russian Bear 10000 15lbs (6.8kg)

How To buy?

You can buy the Russian Bear 10000 in Pakistan via online shopping at 


The Price of Russian Bear 10000 in Pakistan is Rs. 14000/- 15lb


Do not consume more than 6 scoops of the Russian Bear 10000 weight grainer daily. Also drink at least 8 glass of water during the day.

Russian Bear 10000 (Monster Muscle).supplement facts