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Inner Armour BCAA Peak

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Product Description

Inner Armour BCAA supplement contains the clinically studied dose of branched chain amino acids to give your body the fuel that it needs to recover and to build lean powerful muscles. The 3 BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids). Leucine is by far the most powerful of the 3 BCAAs as it cannot convert to energy. This muscle building superstar is strictly ketogenic, so it is used to trigger muscle protein synthesis (growth). Isoleucine while essential, is both glucogenic and ketogenic, and can be converted to glucose for energy during your workout. Valine while essential, is strictly glucogenic and can also be converted to glucose for energy during your workout. Glutamine makes up approximately 60% of muscle tissue. It has been shown to act as a powerful muscle cell volumizer, stimulate protein synthesis and decrease muscle protein loss.


  • 12.4g Leucine
  • 5g Glutamine.
  • Pro Series.
  • Banned Substance Free.
  • Ajipure Amino Acids.
  • Leucine Loaded.
  • Advanced Rapid Releasing Muscle Protein Synthesizer.
  • Advanced Muscle Building Formula.
  • 12:1:1 The Most Powerful Muscle Building BCAA Ratio In The World.


  • Leucine Provides the Greatest Muscle building Activity of All Amino Acids.
  • Glutamine and BCAAs Help Regulate Whole Body Protein Synthesis.
  • Ajinomoto amino acids are between 99% and 100% pure.


As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop with 16 oz or water and consume before, during and/or
after training.

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