Hyper Gain 12lb (Hyper Strength) supplements sale in pakistan

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Hyper Gain 12lb

HyperGain was formulated with healthy building blocks for a high quality and functional meal replacement. HyperGain contains a three stage protein system that helps your body feel full and at the same time giving it good quality sources of proteins. HyperGain’s propietary protein blend contains Whey Proteins, Whey, Egg, Albumin and Milk Based Caseinate Proteins. All of thes proteins are used by body at diferrent times, allowing fast release proteins like Whey Protein to be available in a short period of time while the Casein based proteins and the egg proteins release slower giving the body a full feeling and a protein source for a longer period of time. (HyperGain incorporates low glycemic carbohydrates that help give the body energy for a longer period of time but are not used immediately, like some sugars are, that then can be stored as fat.) The low glycemic carbohydrates allow for a slower digestion and prolong the energy release period. HyperGain also incorporates MCT which is a healthy source of fat that allows the body to have some healthy fats for energy versus some products that are based on fat sources and may lead to an increase in fatty tissue.

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