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Body Innovation


Body Massager Professional Innovation with Infrared To Da skin rejuvenation.
Massage is the most effective methods to reduce, tone the Body Fat and Cellulite Ending.
Shapes your body and Alisa the “Orange Skin”
Reduces Cellulite inscrustada
Sanguinia improves circulation and eliminates toxins located
Total toning! Relax, Tones and Fat Burning Located Cellulite and …
With New Infrared Technology for Skin Rejuvenesciomento!
A True Spa in your home.
Body Massager Sculptor innovation allows you to relax while burning fat located more difficult as the abdomen, is a professional device that vibrates mimicking the movements of a professional masseur in a spa or beauticians.
Massage is the most effective methods to reduce, tone the Body Fat and Cellulite Ending.
Body massager Sculpor innovation is the compact and powerful orbital massager that promotes vigorous massages and located anywhere in the body!
It is lightweight and compact, easy to use with either hand, facilitating self-massage. Its powerful high speed electric motor rotates 2,700 times per minute while the orbital system rotates 360 ° and increases the power of localized massage with strong and continuous vibration.
Body innovation Massager sculpor can be used directly on the thighs, arms, buttocks, stomach and where you need!
And with its unique six disks, you can have the kind of ideal massage for each part of the body!
Use the Roller discs and stimulating balls and get powerful located, ideal massage the belly, back, shoulders, thighs, buttocks.
Or Disk Wavy to simulate Shiatsu movement and more vigorous massage, perfect for massage thighs, buttocks.
Or Disk with 7 points massage to enjoy delicate and relaxing massages in the neck, shoulders, neck, and relieve tension and tiredness and stress!
Innovation Body Massager Sculptor is lightweight, compact and slides with ease, reaching efficiently to any area of ​​the body, because it includes a removable ergonomic handle for use only if you find it necssário in areas of most difficult access.
Enjoy all the power of strong localized orbital massage, to care for each part of your body
Includes package.
1 Super Body Massager Innovation
   With intensity regulator
   Option 1 – no Infrared Massage
   Option 2 – Massage with Infrared
1 Cable ergonomic Romovível

1 disk with 4 balls

1 Disc 3 Rollers Corrugated

1 Disc 3 spiked rollers 

1 Disc 3 Rollers Flat 

1 Massage Disco 7 points 

   (Deep Massage)

1 Disco Wavy 

1 Cover to cover Discs

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