Dual Resistance Tube by Liveup Sports. sale in pakistan

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Liveup Dual Tube Exerciser

Live Dual Tube Exerciser

Dual Resistance Tube by Liveup Sports.


High-quality rubber material offers progressive resistance
Perfect for travel, gym, or in-home use
Helps you isolate target muscles more effectively

Voucher includes:
1 Dual Resistance Tube

What is the Toning Tube? 

The Toning Tube are a great alternative to dumbbells, barbells and resistance bands for strength training. The Toning Tube is different from resistance bands as they are round and have handles at either ends. Although the tubing is easier to maneuver with the handles, the Toning Tube training requires coordination and balance so you end up using more of your core muscle groups to stabilize your body.


Building muscle and getting fit can be a lot of fun. The Toning Tube adds spice and creativity to your workout.

Toning Tube workouts increase the intensity, challenge and benefits of the exercise.Along with building muscles and gaining strength it also enhances your ability to maintain balance and posture.


Bent over rear raise with toning tube is a toning exercise that targets many upper body muscles.
You have to move your arms away from your body while slightly bent over with the stress of a toning tube. Rear raises work on your shoulders, triceps, chest muscles and bending engages the core abs in the workout.
Bent over rear raises includes your hips, abs, spine and legs in the moves to stabilize your body.

Strengthen shoulders and triceps using resistance tubes. You will feel the burn after you do several repetitions of the shoulder press. It’s a great way to work the upper body out of the gym.

You can also use the Toning Tubes with the Gym Ball.

Sit tall on a ball or chair and hold a medium-tension resistance band. Begin the movement with a bent elbow dropping the tube down the back. Reach up to grab the tube with the other hand with some tension in the band.


Lightweight and portable, the Toning Tubes can be taken anywhere and offer an alternative to heavy and large weights.


When you prefer to work out at home, and can’t go to the gym just tone and firm yourself with this dual resistance tube. Dealtoday.pk is out with a deal where we’re offering our customers an innovative dual latex tube design which absorbs and distributes band pressure during usage. As a result, the band will not break nor snap like most single tube resistance bands and develop and sculpt your upper body (chest, back, shoulders, arms) and lower body (gluts, legs) Liveup has developed a line of fitness products that are as unique as your own personal goals. To best reach your goals, make sure all six categories of strength, flexibility, core, balance, toning and cardio are included in your fitness regime. Mix and match equipment and workouts for optimal fitness results!

Price =1500-0 

without courier charges

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