Chest Expander sale in pakistan

chest Expander

Chest Expander

The Chest Expander strengthens and conditions the arms, back and so much more!

Chest Expander is Compact and portable all body exercise system, the chest expanders will help you perform more stretching and strengthening exercises safely and comfortably.

If your serious about working the upper body, chest and arms, then these Chest Expander with 5 Steel Springs are ideal for you.

The adjustable resistance Clip on/off Springs adjust to several different levels simply by removing some of the springs.

It’s quick and simple and you will get a great workout.

Our weight test showed that at full extension, each spring will equal 10 +/- pounds of resistance.

With all five springs in postion, the resistance is 50 +/- pounds.

It’s quick and simple and you will get a great workout. Exercise Chest, Shoulders, and Arm Muscles.

Price =1500-0

NV Sports  Offers A Chest Expander  Price In Pakistan With Fast Shipping In All The Major Cities Of  Pakistan. Including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Rawalpindi And Many More Cities At The Lowest Price.

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