Aerobic Step Board (NEW) sale in pakistan

Aerobic Step Board

Aerobic Step Board (NEW)


Easy to use and disassemble
Non-slip surface
Packing Size:98*38*16cm

  • Three adjustment heights of: 6″, 8″, or 10″
    • Snap in legs for maximum stability
    • Dimensions: 40″ × 15″ × 6.5″
    • Reinforced mat with omni-dimensional grooves for optimal traction and shock absorption
    • Optimal length and width for step moves
    • Inclines and declines for body sculpting
    • Packing Size: 98× 38× 16cm
    • N.W./G.W.: 8/9kg

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Price =

(without courier charges all over the Pakistan)

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    1. Aslamoelekum,
      Dear Mr Bilal, Thanks for write us ,
      This product is not in our stock yet ,when we have update the the price

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