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Apple Electric Hand Massagr sale in pakistan

Price =700-0

(with courier charges All over the Pakistan)


Apple Electric Hand Massagr


Input Voltage: DC5V
Dissipation Power: 2.5W

Power: AAA batteries or USB Power cable.

Weight: 22.5g

Dimension: 63x39x50CM


Can be use in shoulder massage, arm massage, waist and abdomen massage, leg and thigh massage.

360’ rotation

Support the battery and USB line to use.


1X Apple electric massager

1X USB cable

Super Amino 10000 (APN) supplements sale in pakistan


Anabolic Amino 10000 325 tab (APN)

Super  Amino 10000 (APN)

APN Super Amino 10000 is formulated to enhance muscle mass and strength in combination with intense training. Pharmaceutical

Grade free form and peptide bond amino acids, L-Configuration in correct proportions to promote anabolic activity.

Directions: 3 tablets before breakfast and 3 tablets after training or before dinner, when training heavy or very frequently, one may wish to double the daily dosage for the best results. Swallow tablets with liquid. Chewing tablets or allowing them to lay in your mouth may leave a bitter taste. Keep out of reach of children.

anabolic amino 10000 .facts

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